The challenge for many government contractors whether small, service disabled, native American, woman or minority owned, is that by the time many of them see a contract opportunity listed it’s usually ‘too late’.  It’s tough sometimes to live on a continuous diet of subcontracts year after year.  Many certified contractors neglect to plan for the eventual graduation from a program and a proper transition to the commercial sector. And then there’s always the issue of access to capital to properly fund projects.

Our expertise is in the ability to make introductions to various agency leaders, executives in the commercial sector, prime contractors and potential partners.  We will prepare you for presentation of your services, schedule the meetings, attend the meetings to insure that your interests are aligned with the mission of ‘buy side’ executive.  In addition we can also assist you with identifying board members, advisors, strategic partners, or potential acquisition targets.  In the end we want to be your trusted advisor as you march forward to a successful liquidity event.