The Unicorn Group’s Communications practice offers consultation services designed to allow companies to align their communications efforts to position and protect their brand in competitive markets; and respond quickly and effectively to external factors that affect business reputation.

Unicorn builds and reinforces brand equity with your key stakeholders by structuring communications programs in the following areas:

Media Relations

Are you prepared to meet the press? Inevitably, the time will come when you want to position your company and brand positively to the media. Unicorn will help you assess when and where your media engagements are prudent and effective. We provide strategies on how to build your story and which media platforms are most effective to generate positive responses.

We also prepare the officers of your company for on-camera interviews that may be planned or, in some instances, unexpected.

Crisis Communications

Every minute counts when unforeseen events impact your business and your stakeholders demand quick and transparent response and action.

  • Preparedness – Unicorn will help you prepare a crisis communications plan and media training to address the moment of need.
  • Response – If needed, we can be available 24 hours, 7 days a week. Unicorn will manage communications with media and other stakeholders such as customers, employees, shareholders and public officials, through message development (statements, press releases); social media management; and third-party liaison.
  • Post-Event Response – Unicorn will conduct an impact assessment; follow-up communications with stakeholders in order to mitigate possible loss in brand reputation; and prepare strategy to repair, regain and restore brand equity.

Integrated Marketing:
Creating a seamless multi-faceted consumer experience is essential to brand success. A strategic message delivery strategy including: radio, TV, print, online and in-person experiences equals success.

  • Branding – The Unicorn Group helps companies enhance, revitalize or develop a focused brand image and message that resonate with target consumers.
  • Experiential Marketing – Brand engagement creates bonds between consumers and brands. The Unicorn Group can help you design unique live experiences to increase brand recognition and loyalty.
  • Research and Insights – What has and hasn’t worked? The Unicorn Group approaches branding from a research first perspective. What we know helps us create actionable insight to help insure the programs we develop result in the best ROI for our clients.
  • Multicultural Marketing – How do you reach a diverse audience? As demographics shift so should the messages and vehicles used to reach your target audience. The Unicorn Group can help create specialized communication programs that are resonate with multicultural markets clients want to reach.

Public Affairs

The Unicorn Groups’ experience working with high-level decision makers in government and Fortune 100 companies affords our clients a distinct advantage. Through in-depth situation analysis, message development and creative strategy implementation, we help make sure your positions are heard by the people who matter to you.